Wild 1 Inc. Flatline T-bars

Clubs out Dynas, Softails and Sportsters

Be the first to get a grip on the most narrow Wild 1 Chubbys® T-bars ever made. The FLATLINE is designed with a 0° wrist angle and only 24” wide for a badass look and ride! The Chubby® FLATLINE T-bars range in size from 10-12 inches in height for standard Harley front ends and 8”,10”,12” for metric front ends. They come in a show chrome, satin black powder coat or raw finish. Dual wall construction and a super clean interior makes for easy internal wiring. Perfect fit for all Dynas, Softails and Sportsters

Check out the Chubby® Flatline handlebars or other Wild 1 handlebars at the company website.

wild 1 harley t-bar handlebars

Show chrome and satin black powder coat versions shown.

Courtesy of Wild 1