Whitewall Cleaning Goes Green | Detail Pro 98% Natural White Wall Spray

Detail Pro Introduces the First Natural White Wall Spray

**Bowie, Maryland (March 07, 2011) **- Detail Pro Wipes proudly announces the introduction of Detail Pro White Wall Spray. A Premium Tire Cleaner that’s 98% natural. This breakthrough tire cleaning product was specially formulated to clean whitewall tires by instantly breaking down brake dust and road grime without the use of bleach and other harsh chemicals that damage your tires over time. The naturally biodegradable ingredients make White Wall Spray safer for the user and better for the environment than traditional leading brands. Now you can clean your tires and keep them look new without damaging them, yourself or the environment in the process.

This cutting edge product comes to a market that has for many decades only had a few choices of whitewall tire cleaners. Surprisingly most of these products use harmful chemicals and even bleach to clean whitewall tires. Every major manufacturer of whitewall tires agree that prolonged use of these very chemicals promote leaching which over time will actually cause whitewall tires to turn yellow and dry the surface of the whitewall. “We found that most of the whitewall cleaning products on the shelves had ingredients that did not meet manufacturer standards.” said Vincent Stuart the CEO of Detail Pro Wipes. “We wanted to change that by creating a tire cleaner with uncompromising cleaning power made from the best possible natural ingredients that would be safer for consumers to use and less harmful to the environment. This product is strong enough for a professional but safe enough for a beginner to use.”

Detail Pro Wipes was established in 2007 and has quickly emerged as the premier name in whitewall tire care. Detail Pro White Wall Spray, “Natural Premium Tire Cleaner”, will be available in April of 2011 at a suggested retail price of $7.99 for a 23oz bottle. Detail Pro Wipes also created White Wall Wipes, the world’s first and only wipe designed to clean and maintain whitewall tires. Detail Pro products are available at select retail outlets worldwide, including Coker Tire, California Car Cover Co. and participating Harley Davidson Dealers. You deserve the best and the best is Detail Pro! Visit our website at www.DetailProWipes.com or call Toll Free 1-866-272-0253 for more information on retail store listings or on how to become a retailer. Order yours today!