Wheels And Waves El Rollo 2018 Gallery

Custom motorcycle flat-track racing at Wheels and Waves

From sun and surf to races and customs—Wheels and Waves seems to have it all. And while flat-track races aren’t the most unique event to throw during a motorcycle show, there’s a good reason they have gained so much popularity—especially when you see the types of bikes these crazies were racing.

Whether it be a one-of-a-kind custom, a priceless vintage, or a weirdo chopped-up minibike, the riders were here to send it. Turn after dirt-spitting turn, the racers gave it their all, with onlookers bouncing back and forth between overjoyed excitement and sympathy for the two-wheeled treasures being flogged on the track.

It was truly incredible to see so many of the bikes built to be exhibited in the show actually ridden by the people who built them—and ridden hard! Unlike so many rallies and bike shows (but not like the Hot Bike Tour!), there are tons of opportunities and challenges to ride over the course of Wheels and Waves, so the kickstands never stay down for long.

wheels and waves rider in gardening gloves

Nothing says “Ready to race,” like cargo shorts and gardening gloves.

Kati Dalek

Anvil custom Indian Scout tracker

Anvil’s custom Indian Scout tracker was built for more than just show.

Kati Dalek

Cheetah Harley-Davidson WL

Cheetah’s Harley-Davidson WL named “The Comet 45”

Kati Dalek

mud covered flathead with flat track rubber

A mud covered flathead with flat track rubber—all is right in the world.

Kati Dalek

The Comet 45

Cheetah throwing “The Comet 45,” around the track.

Kati Dalek

AMA Flat Track Twins

Is it really fair to bring out the bike that’s dominating AMA Flat Track Twins right now? Who cares, it’s fun to watch.

Kati Dalek

Christian Hosoi and Steve Caballero

Christian Hosoi and Steve Caballero enjoying the races from the sidelines.

Kati Dalek

Cheetah riding at wheels and waves

It is incredibly fun to watch the way Cheetah rides this amazing machine.

Kati Dalek

wheels and waves racers

Another prime example of the “ride ’em, don’t hide ’em,” motto exhibited at Wheels and Waves.

Kati Dalek

Indian Scouts at El Rollo

Indian Scouts were a popular choice at El Rollo.

Kati Dalek

Anvil Scout Sixty

Anvil’s full-frame custom Scout Sixty was one of the faster customs of the day.

Kati Dalek

BC Kustoms Sportster

A Sportster tracker by French builders BC Kustoms.

Kati Dalek