Web Exclusive: A Daredevil On The Loose, Lee Stuart

Since the age of 6, Lee has been a riding fanatic. Gathering inspiration childhood heros, Lee Stuart has ridden his way through the FSX World Tour to do the X Games, the Red Bull Fuel and Fury event in Russia, and has also performed shows in freestyle snowmobiling. With about 20-30 demos a year, Lee quickly has become a pro at riding.

Freestyle has always been the kindle to Lee’s passion of riding. As a child, he used to watch Crusty Demon videos and then would hop on his bike to try the same stunts. Lee Stuart has always been fearless.


There is a good reason why riding in winter is not advised. Yes, appropriate kits can keep you warm, but snow and ice are just about as dangerous as it gets. Cold tires don’t have the same amount of grip as warm tires because their rubber is compounded. This puts riders at risk of crashing. Poor grip is dangerous enough, but when complemented with wet or icy roads, it can be downright deadly.

Conditions like these make most riders stay at home, but Lee Stuart loves to ride year round. Lee modified his Harley Davidson by fabricating a custom crash bar and attaching studded tires for traction. Now Lee Stuart was ready for ice, snow, or any other less desirable condition he may encounter.

Lee then took his modified Harley onto a surprisingly difficult track. A track on a frozen river. The video of this stunt has viewers shocked in awe of this daredevil’s abilities. Viewers may actually think what Lee is doing is not that big of a deal but only those experienced with riding on ice can actually realize the difficulty of performing on such a slippery surface. Lee doing this effortlessly just puts the highlight on his talent.

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