WASPcam TACT Action Sports Cam

High end quality without breaking the bank

#9905 WASPcam TACT

The new TACT.

Courtesy of WASPcam

WASPcam understands that not everyone who shoots action video is a professional film maker looking to make feature-length cinema. You probably could with one of their products, though. If a high-quality, user-friendly, action-sport camera is on your Christmas list, they may be the perfect choice.

Each WASPcam camera features a Triple Seal Waterproof Design to weather wherever the storm finds you. Cameras record HD Video @ 1080p with 4 adjustable white balance settings. The cam also shoots 12MP photos. Its built-in WiFi connects your smartphone to the camera via WASPcam TACT app. This camera also has a 1.5” LCD screen, wireless wrist remote, and LED safety lights.

The “TACT” is WASPcam’s newest camera model, with the same great specs you expect from WASPcam, but with a few new features. The new WASPcam TACT gives users the freedom to Film, Edit and Share every moment, no matter where they are filming. The WASPcam TACT Camera allows users to go from land to water without a waterproof case. The Wireless Wrist Remote is capable of controlling video and photo recording up to 5 meters (15 feet) away.

Where the TACT really stands out from competitors is with the new features it brings to the table. The WASPcam TACT is completely waterproof, down to 98 feet, without the addition of a waterproof case, and includes a 1.5-inch LCD viewing screen on the back of the camera.

The WASPcam TACT has cyclic recording and an auto looping function, which allows the camera to be used as a dash camera. Users can have their camera record in two-minute, five-minute, or 10 minute segments. Or turn off cyclic recording for continuous recording. The auto looping function allows the camera to record over older footage when the memory card is full.

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