Volume 44, Number 4 Hot Bike Table of Contents

Volume 44, Number 4 Hot Bike Table of Contents - Hot Bike Magazine



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32 I-Beam Back-Boned Boardtracker

Primer Inc. Customs

50 Bad Betty

TPJ Customs’ Stripped-Down Hot Rod

70 World War II Relic

Unforgettable Vintage Barn Find

82 Dualing 23s

Matt’s Big Wheel Sporty

In Production
38 Beautiful Black Canvas

2012 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

Living the Life
56 What Time is It?

It’s Bike Time!

60 New-Old King of the Hill
Deadwood Mountain Grand Resort and Casino

10 From the Editor
12 My Two Cents
20 Speed’s Spotlight
22 Product Pics
30 The Hot Seat
102 Used and Abused
104 What’s on Hotbikeweb.com
113 Readers’ Showcase


In Depth
40 Procharger Supercharger Install, Part 2

Stuffing a Huffer Into a Dyna

64 Made in America
Revolution Performance

76 Fat Boy Face Lift

Project Fat F*cker, Part 1

88 2 Inches Does Make a Difference

Progressive Suspension Drop In Kit

90 Tyler Malinky’s Panhead Project
Garage-Built Custom Lowbrow Style, Part 2

96 Improved Stop and Go
Upgraded Brakes and Clutch With DP-Brakes