Video | Hot Bike Tour 2016

The fourth annual GEICO Hot Bike Tour yet again set the bar for all other rolling rallies and will go down as the best riding to date. The roads starting in the artistic town of Ashville, North Carolina, and ending in Chattanooga, Tennessee were nothing short of epic with world-famous mountain ranges, twisty passes, and scenic highways all ending in historic destinations.

A record-setting 607 truly brave LongRiders made each of the stops and checked off roads, stops, and experiences from the lifetime bucket list. Another 8,712 made at least one stop-to-stop ride. Each stop brought out the locals in droves with more than 28,000 fans attending the daily shows, making it the biggest five days of bikes for the region.

Fans from near and far came out for the Hot Bikeand Baggers invited builders, which included Bobby Seeger Jr., John Shope, Matt Harris, Pat Patterson, Ron Harris, Kyle Shorey, Bryan Schimke, Big Joe Mielke, Tim McNamer, Irish Rick Ryan, and Scott Kietzmann on the Hot Bike side. Carey Hart, Jesse Rooke, Justin Coleman, Jake Cutler, Oscar Peralta, Zach Johnson, Nick Trask, Charlie Stockwell, Shane Phillips, and Josh Rundlett rounded up the Baggers builds.

Tight venue locations limited the number of stunt shows, but that didn’t stop Grim Company and Troy Hoff from tag teaming the wheelies and burnouts to an eager crowd at Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson.

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