Versus/ The two-faced Shovelhead/Custom Harley-Davidson

With a ’70s-era correct chopper build in mind, entrepreneur James Banuelos of the Us Versus Them clothing brand set out to find a builder who epitomized exactly what he was looking for. He was looking for a true DIY owner-operated outfit. While visiting Biltwell’s then-new distribution space, Bill of Biltwell recommended Kutty Noteboom.

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After a few beers, I explained how I wanted the bike to have two completely different paint colors and possible schemes on each side of the bike

James explains how it all happened like this: “I reached out to Kutty, and we slowly started awkwardly discussing what I was looking for. I drove out to his garage a few times, exchanged stories over a few more beers than I should have drank, and we came up with a game plan for the build. Kutty and I had a few things in common, became friends, and decided to create a collaboration together. To complement the build, we decided on a limited release, including two separate graphics between our two brands. I chose partner/designer Graham Nystrom to head the artistic direction of graphics, and tees were designed and released in 2012. During the build process I was introduced to Kutty’s lifelong friend Billy Crewl. After a few more beers, I explained how I wanted the bike to have two completely different paint colors and possible schemes on each side of the bike. We laughed and joked around for a while when Billy came up with the idea of naming the bike ‘two-faced bitch.’ From that moment the name stuck, and Billy ended up painting.”

Since then the bike has traveled around the country, and now she rests at the Us Versus Them retail store in the historic Gaslamp quarters of San Diego. James says he’s super stoked on how it came out and what a good job everyone involved on the build did.
Wanting to get two sides of the story, Kutty says: “When James asked me to build him his bike, right away I wanted to use the Hallcraft 21-inch mag wheel I had been holding on to, but I had to find a mate to it. It was a 16-inch Sportster setup I found; what a pain in the ass that was to make that work. The rear fender is something I had laying around the shop, but I had to narrow it to make it work correctly. I made the tank out of a wide, porky Paughco Mustang. I narrowed and sectioned it, and I had to reshape the tunnel and did all molding out of steel. The motor is a ’77 Shovelhead with a Shovel four-speed scored from Mick’s Chop Shop. Behind the motor and tranny is an open chain shifted with Barnett clutches. Freddy Hernandez built the frame and front end for me, and to top it all off I had to make all the mounts, sissy bar, pipes, handlebars, seat, and oil tank all by hand. Keith Dean Body worked the molding around tank and fender for me. Then Billy Crewl, who has painted numerous bikes and cars for me, squirted it. We used House of Kolor paint mixed to our liking and painted the bike two total paint jobs in my little shop. Then we had Dave Whittle do the striping and lettering. Other standout parts of this bike are the Morris magneto, pegs and grips from Hippy Killer, vintage Hurst Airheart front brake caliper, stock sporty rear drum, and custom foot controls done up by none other than me.”

Owner James Banuelos
Shop Hippy Killer
Year/Make/Model 1977/KH-D
Fabrication Kutty Noteboom
Build Time 1 year
Year Manufacturer 1977/H-D/80ci
Builder Mick’s Chop Shop
Cases H-D
Cylinders H-D
Heads H-D
Rocker Boxes H-D
Cams Crane
Air Cleaner Bison Mushroom tip
Exhaust Hippy Killer
Year/Manufacturer/Type 1977/H-D
Clutch Barnett
Primary Drive Open chain
Year/Manufacturer 2013/Fred’s Frames
Rake/Stretch Custom
Front Narrow Springer Fred’s Frames
Length A little over stock
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Manufacturer Front/Type Hallcraft/21-in.
Tire/Size Avon 3.0×21
Caliper Hurst Airheart
Rotor PM
Manufacturer Rear/Type Hallcraft/16-in.
Tire/Size Avon 5.0×16
Caliper Sportster cable drum brake
Manufacturer House of Kolor
Colors Candy reds and blues, Billy Crewl Special Mix
Paint/Graphics Dave Whittle pinstriping and lettering
Rear Fender Kutty
Gas Tank Kutty
Handlebars Kutty
Headlight S&M Los Angeles fog
Taillight Hippy Killer FTW
License Mount Kutty
Seat Pan by Kutty, upholstery by Ron Mangus