Vance & Hines Monster Ovals

More Power Good Noise

1. This is the Power Duals exhaust system with header pipe, heat shields, Monster Oval mufflers and mounting hardware. Also the V&H; FuelPak and new Drak air filter kit.

2. Before performing the install Ed got some baseline numbers which were 67.4 hp and 78.3 lb-ft torque. Once the bike had time to cool down, Ed removed the stock exhaust system from the bike. The 02 sensors were unplugged and the mounting flanges were removed.

3. Once the stock pipes were off the bike, Ed removed both of the 02 sensors, he will re-install them onto the new V&H; head pipe.

4. With the head pipe still off the bike, Ed installed all the heat shields first. It is easier to adjust and tighten all the clamps from the back of the pipe off the bike.

5. Next, with a dab of anti-seize, Ed re-installed both the 02 sensors into the head pipe.

6. Then Ed installed the new V&H; brackets, the first one bolted to the back lower mounting bolts for the oil bag. This is where the cross-under pipe for the rear (left side) cylinder pipe will get its support. The second bracket was bolted to the two lower transmission bolts.

7. Next, the head pipes with heat shields were put in place with the mounting flanges snugged up but not tightened. Then, the lower rear pipe was bolted to the transmission bracket as the cross under pipe was bolted to the oil bag bracket.

8. Next the mufflers were installed, to do this Ed used the new V&H; hanger brackets. These brackets are longer by 1-inch and will give more support .

9. Here the hangers are lined up with the Monster Oval mufflers, once they are in place all the bolts for this exhaust system were tightened up.

10. Next, Ed installed the Drak air cleaner kit. After removing the stock setup he bolted the aluminum venturi to the V&H; backing plate, then he installed the filter mounting bracket. Once together the backing plate was bolted to the throttle body.

11. The Drak kit comes with a reusable filter element that is held in place with button head screws. Then the chrome filter cover was installed. The cool thing is that the bolts are on the back side of the cover to keep the front looking clean.

12. Then the next thing Ed did was get to the ECU and route the FuelPak and harness up to the ECU. Then he removed the plug from the ECU unit, and connected the FuelPak onto the ECU harness. The Fuelpak will fit under the side cover and stay in place with a zip-tie.

13. The V&H; FuelPak was next, Ed found the fuel values for this particular setup in the install booklet, then entered the values into the FuelPak.

14. Then everything was put back on the bike and the pipes were wiped down. With the bike back up on the dyno, the first run with the starting point fuel values gave us some good numbers 76.7-hp and 88.1-lb ft of torque for a gain of 9.3 hp and 9.8 lb-ft torque. This is out of the box, Ed said that with a little more time it could get better. As for the sound, it’s very clean and deep but not excessively loud or obnoxious.

15. Final shot of the bike with the V&H; pipes, FuelPak and Drak air clean kit.

Old bike or new bike, whatever the case, it seems that as soon as you bring your bike home, the aftermarket parts catalogs open up. For most guys the exhaust system is one of the first places to start swapping out parts whether it is sound they are after or a little more power. Knowing this, companies like Vance & Hines (V&H;) are trying to stay ahead of the game by offering exhaust systems for the newest models. Everything from slip-on mufflers to full exhaust systems with fuel management units and air cleaner kits. For the 09 FL models V&H; has an exhaust system called the Power Duals with Monster Oval mufflers that comes with header pipe, heat shields, and their exclusive Power Chamber with contoured heat shield. Similar to the stock09 FL pipe design, the V&H; True Duals run the rear pipe under the frame to help eliminate heat. The Power Duals are designed with built in bungs for the 02 sensors, good looking heat sheilds and should increase power and torque. We wanted to test a set out, so we went over to Huntington Beach Hogs and Choppers, where shop owner Ed Syer had a `09 Street Glide that was the perfect guinea pig for the V&H; pipes, FuelPak Fuel management system and air filter kit. Also with a dyno in the shop we could install all the parts and get some test numbers all in one day.