V-Twin Custom Parts Guide

Custom Harley-Davidson seats, aftermarket motorcycle wheels, and more

How should I customize my V-twin next? We’ve all been facing down the barrel of that particular gun at one point or another, whether it’s because we felt the need for change or we didn’t plan out the whole project in advance. Sometimes inspiration plants its foot in your backside all on its own sending you in the right direction. Other times, the biker muse needs its own catalyst to get you moving. This is why we motorcycle magazines have these things called, “Buyers’ Guides.” Not only are they a slick way for us to make advertisers giddy by showing off what they make, they’re a good resource for finding inspiration on what to do to your motorcycle next when the idea well has run dry. That’s why we here at Hot Bike run so many guide-esque posts here on the website. That, and sometimes we need inspiration too.

Rooke Customs Derby Cover – Buy It Now!

Hard Drive American Twin Products

Discount Ramps Scissor Jack – discountramps.com

Discount Ramps

Kustom Tech Brass Risers – kustomtech.eu

Kustom Tech

Led Sled Customs Invader Wheel – ledsledcustoms.com

Led Sled Customs

Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner – Buy It Now!

Arlen Ness

Corbin Gunfighter Seat – corbin.com


Brass Balls Cycles Piston Helmet Points Cover – brassballscycles.com

Brass Balls Cycles

Horsepower Inc. Throttle Body – horsepowerinc.com

Horsepower Inc.

Custom Dynamics TruBeam LED Headlight – Buy It Now!

Custom Dynamics

CRKT Snicker Knife – Buy It Now!


Lacona Custom Cycles Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch – iaconacustomcycles.com

Lacona Custom Cycles

Rinehart Racing 3-1/4-inch Slip-On Mufflers – rinehartracing.com

Rinehart Racing

DNA Specialty Monster Bar – dnaspecialty.com

DNA Specialty

Thrashin Supply Co. Bagger Floorboards – thrashinsupply.com

Thrashin Supply Co.

Kineo Custom Wheels – kineowheels.com


Certified OKC Carbon Fiber FXR Dash – certifiedokc.com

Certified OKC