Used And Abused: Thomson Superchargers

1999–2015 Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Blower Kit

Thomson Superchargers

Thomson Superchargers

Photo: Thomson Superchargers

Just by installing this supercharger kit on your bone-stock bike it will bring gains of roughly 50–60 percent hp with only moderate boost, and up to 100 percent more torque in the lower rpm ranges. We like that the 67ci Roots 2-lobe positive displacement blower kit requires no permanent modifications to your bike, so it is easily outfitted to any model Twin Cam bike. Thomson’s patented belt-drive system also allows the bike’s owner to custom tailor boost levels and curves in minutes to suit their specific speed needs. The kit includes the complete blower assembly, specific model drive components, and installation hardware. We have ridden a few bikes outfitted with this kit and can say that if you want major forced induction power between your legs then do yourself a favor and check out the Thomson Supercharger kit.
MSRP: $6,000

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