Used And Abused | New Items From Harley-Davidson

Every so often the folks at Harley-Davidson send us a variety of new offerings for us to test and review. Recently, we received a grab bag of goods from the MoCo and we were eager to see how well they worked.

Servicing a bike is always a fun and rewarding experience, but having the right tools for the job is essential. Ever tried to stick an automotive drain pan under your bike when changing your oil? In most cases it doesn’t work because it’s too tall to fit under the bottom frame rails. Harley recently introduced its Low Profile Drain Pan ($29.95) to combat fitment issues. Measuring 2 3/4 inches tall, by 16 inches wide, and 26 3/4 inches long, the Low Profile Drain Pan makes it easy to change the oil on stock bikes, especially lowered bikes. Its 10-quart capacity will hold up to two oil changes and can easily be drained with the easy-to-pour spout and convenient carrying handle. Also, oil burping isn’t an issue due to the pressure vent hole. We tried the Low Profile Drain Pan out and were impressed with how easily it slid under a bike. When it was time to drain the used engine oil, the carrying handle made transporting the pan very convenient.

If you’ve ever tried to refill your primary with lubricant only to end up with most of the quart’s contents spilling all over the ground, the Primary Oil Fill Funnel ($9.95) takes the mess out of the equation. Made from durable plastic to fit ’07-later Twin Cam primaries, the re-usable funnel snaps into the derby cover with ease to ensure the oil goes where it should. And you don’t even have to hold the quart in your hand when filling. A built-in tab allows the funnel to work with earlier models as well. We simply snapped the funnel inside the derby, poured the quart of Formula Plus into the primary, and walked away to complete other tasks. Once the quart was empty, we simply removed the funnel with no mess to speak of.

The last item in the grab bag was the Digital Gear Indicator ($219.95). For those who like knowing which gear their bike is in, the Gear Indicator is a somewhat easy-to-install gadget that mounts to the right side of the handlebar next to the switch housing. Available in either chrome or black, the Gear Indicator features an LED display for ease of viewing and is a plug-and-play unit with a built-in photocell that adjusts the display when in direct sunlight. The Gear Indicator housing can also accommodate an extra auxiliary switch of your choosing; however, it’s a little bulky when installed on the handlebar. Overall, the gear indicator was pretty easy to install, but more in-depth than we imagined since we had to pull the bars in order to internally wire the accessory for more of a streamlined look. This isn’t a necessary step, but keeps things sanitary. HB

Gear Indicator


  • Easily view which gear you’re in
  • Display adjusts when in direct sunlight


  • Internal wiring requires handlebar removal
  • Bulky

Drain Pan


  • Slim, easy to transport dirty oil for disposal
  • Fits under almost any bike, especially lowered customs


  • $30 is a bit steep for a drain pan



  • Easily clicks into the primary for no-spill filling
  • Reusable and fits most big twin primaries


  • A tad pricey for a funnel

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