Used and Abused | Burly Slammer Suspension Drop Kit

Whether it’s just for style points, or to help those vertically challenged gain more confidence when coming to a stop, nothing looks or a feels better than a lowered bike. There are several different methods to drop a bike and they can vary greatly in price and hardware. One of the easiest and most cost effect way to lower a bike is to install a Slammer Kit by Burly Brand. The kit includes a pair of lowered shocks, specifically designed to account for the amount of travel, shortened fork springs, and all the necessary hardware. Installation is simple and can easily be accomplished at home with basic tools in less than an hour from setup to clean-up. I installed this kit on an older 1989 FLHS with some pretty spectacular results. After installation the bike was 1-1/2 inches lower in the front and 1-3/4 inches lower in the rear. At a retail price of only $299, it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to lower your bike. Check out for other ways to add some serious style points for not a lot of doe-ray-me.