Used And Abused

Used and Abused

Magnum by Wire Plus

WP280 Power Port

When people say the term “any port in a storm,” I’m not sure if they are talking about electricity, but all I know is when my phone battery is running low, I will stick that thing in just bout any hole I can to get what I need. This has caused me issues from time to time, that was until I bolted the Wire Plus Smooth Power Port onto my bike. This spiffy unit can be fastened to your bike with pretty much any 5/16-inch bolt. Yes, it can be hidden under your frame, above your horn, or anywhere else on the bike that the 16-inch fused cord can reach the battery. I bolted it on my machine and found it to be quite the lifesaver, without looking like some Pep Boy’s car accessory I slapped on haphazardly.

Roland Sands Design

Hesher II Jacket

Looking more like something made by Dickies or Carharrt, the RSD Hesher II Jacket is made for riders who want solid riding gear without looking all leathered out like Rob Halford in 1988. The Hesher is constructed from heavy 14.75 duck canvas cotton with water-resistant treatment. It is firm, yet not stiff like some other canvas jackets I have encountered. With a chest patch and front zip pockets that make it a dead ringer for a chore coat, I really liked the looks and found the fit comfortable while riding. This is due mainly to the Hesher’s pre-curved sleeves, lower back length, and snap-close cuffs. The Hesher jacket is made in the USA, available in small to 3XL, and includes a nice interior chest “stash” pocket. All in all it’s a great fitting jacket, but I would suggest getting one size larger than you’d wear normally with its slimmer fit.


Faders Ear Plugs

It’s time to throw away those cheap-ass orange foam earplugs, because now there is affordable ear protection for riders large and small. V-Moda, a company geared towards audiophiles, has introduced its Faders ear protection. These aural gems were designed by music producers as well as musicians to keep us all from going deaf. We in the loud pipe set can now reap the benefits. Faders have a 12dB reduction in sound and universal fitment system. A detachable cord is also great to keep entanglement from happening while wearing a helmet. I have been riding with a set of these for a few months now and I like the fit and feel — they let the right amount of sound in without blocking too much out.

“They take the top level of loud out of sound and leave you with the sweet stuff.”


DCF883 3/8-inch Cordless Impact Wrench

The Dewalt 20-volt MAX compact 3/8-inch impact wrench packs quite the punch when you need a little more manpower than what you possess by hand. The DCF883 is capable of 2,700 impacts per minute and spins at 2,300 rpms, all in a rather small 5-1/2-inch size with a rather scant 3-1/2-pound weight.

What I really liked about this impact over the others I have used is the Hog Ring Anvil, which makes swapping different size sockets a breeze. The two-hour battery life and LED gauge indicator that alerts the user when the battery needs to be recharged is another perk. My synopsis of the DCF883: It has the right amount of power to take care of just about any part of a motorcycle and does so with quality and efficacy. Oh, and it’s a Dewalt, so you know it is going to last.