Unconventional Outlaw


Victory’s 8-Ball Gets the Hot Bike Treatment

Skill Level: Moderate

If you haven’t noticed the current trend happening with the outlaw-style Dynas on the road, then you’ve been living under a rock. A quarter fairing, T-bars, and 2-into-1 exhaust is pretty much the norm for a lot of today’s FX owners. After a long-term test with Victory’s Vegas 8-Ball, we felt it had the bones/lines to incorporate a similar series of products that would ultimately make it one badass outlaw that could potentially sway the Victory crowd to take their cruisers to the next level.

We reached out to Todd’s Cycle in Huntington Beach, California, to help us with the reconstruction of the factory Vegas 8-Ball. He also manufacturers some pretty sweet parts that work well on Victorys, such as Martini turn signals, Vice Grips, and a one-off custom leather seat that is now in production because it looked so badass on this bike. After more detective work, we found some other manufacturers that could aid in helping us complete our vision of revamping the 8-Ball.

Arlen Ness’ Quarter Fairing was the first item on the list, but the elongated Victory 8-Ball headlamp reminded us of when Pinocchio starts telling lies. To make that fairing work, we contacted Victory for a Judge headlamp bucket and asked them to send one out to replace old Pinocchio because it’s more traditionally shaped to fit the fairing. In the exhaust department, a set of Bassani’s Pro Street Turn Outs in black was a desirable piece of the puzzle. Featuring black ceramic-coated headers with full coverage black ceramic-coated heat shields, they’re stepped from 1-7/8 inches to 1-3/4 inches and feature 2-1/4-inch by 12-inch diameter baffles. For the bars, LA Choppers sent out a set of its Club Bars, available in gloss black or chrome, that fit the style and height specs we were after. And finally, the gloss black paint was OK, but we needed to ditch the tank badges with something a little subtler, so we had Doug Starbuck of Starside Design in Riverside, California, repaint the whole shebang in satin black. He also added some slight details to the dished sides of the tank to really draw attention.

Once we were done with it, we felt it was worthy of poppin’ wheelies and smokin’ tires with the best of ’em. Thanks to all those involved with our Hot Bike 8-Ball makeover. You definitely helped us get where we wanted.For the build process and transformation of the stock Vegas 8-Ball, visit hotbikeweb.com. Cheers!


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