Two Brothers Exhaust/Intake and Power Commander V Install Part 4

Feeding the Fire

two brothers exhaust air cleaner

Our Two Brothers breathing setup all ready for installation.

Words and Photos: John Zamora

Time to finish up the exhaust install and get this Dyna back on the road where it belongs. It’s been said that a motor is nothing but a huge air pump. The more air brought in, mixed with more fuel, the more power that can be made. After a motor fires, all those burned gases need to be removed, and getting them to exit the motor in the most efficient manner is the goal of most tuners. Unfortunately, the average consumer often overlooks or fails to understand the fuel side. Today’s stock ECUs are more controlled than a teenager’s browser history and are programmed only to account for so much of an increase of fuel with the corresponding amount of air. They are typically designed to achieve the most efficient emissions and not necessarily maximum power.

No doubt the 2014 Harley-Davidson Low Rider has been a hit to the market with its retro looks and style. But Dyna’s are more about riding than looking pretty, so we decided to install a Two Brothers Racing Comp-S exhaust system, Comp-V stack air intake, and Power Commander V Fuel Injection Module.

Before turning a single bolt, we took the stock Low Rider over to our Dynojet Dyno for some initial numbers. Stay tuned to find out how much power we made when it was all said and done.

Check out for video clips of both the dyno run and a quick walk around.

Test fit the new TBR muffler onto the headers, making sure everything lines up and clears.

Words and Photos: John Zamora

Install the heat shield muffler clamps and the heat shields onto the headers.

Words and Photos: John Zamora

After everything lines up and is clear of any obstructions, tighten the header bolts, attach the muffler to the headers with the supplied springs, and bolt the muffler onto the new bracket. Before firing the motor, clean the entire system of any fingerprints, as they may become permanent after the initial heat-up.

Words and Photos: John Zamora

Here is the system installed and ready to roll. The results both before and after the installation are as follows: Stock was rated at 75.83 hp and 97.98 torque. After the TBR pipe, air assembly, and Power Commander installation we achieved 85.60 hp and 103.13 torque. That’s a 9.77 increase in hp and 5.15 increase in torque in just a few hours’ time. The sound was an improvement as well with a deep, throaty tone.

Words and Photos: John Zamora