Time For An Upgrade | RC Components Slip-Ons/RSD Nostalgia Velocity Stack


The already tricked-out Nightster looks that much more complete with the RC slip-ons and RSD velocity stack

Included in the RCX-haust kit are two 2 1/2-inch slip-on mufflers, black ceramic-coated heatshields, heatshield hose clamps, hardware, and interconnect bracket plugs. The RSD Nostalgia velocity stack comes with two new breather bolts, breather bolt extensions, black breather bolt spacers, and chrome hardware for a contrasting finish.

01. Richard got started by rolling the bike on a lift to remove the stock muffler system and stock heatshields since he installed the exhaust system first.

02. With the mufflers off, Richard installed the two provided black plugs into the stock interconnect bracket, which collects exhaust from the stock mufflers. This bracket will only be used for mounting the new slip-ons in place. You’ll need to keep the stock muffler clamps.

03. Richard moved on to installing the provided hose clamps to both heatshields.

04. Next, he installed RC’s slip-on mufflers into the heatshields and finger-tightened the middle hose clamp so it would stay in place. FYI, baffles can be removed or unwrapped for a louder sound.

05. He then mounted the slip-ons, starting with the front, to the head pipes with the black heatshields attached. All he needed to do was tighten down the mufflers to the interconnect bracket, tighten the muffler clamps to the head pipes, and tighten down the heatshields’ hose clamps, and pipe installation was done at this time.

06. With the new exhaust installed, Richard was itching to get the RSD Nostalgia stack on, too. He removed the air cleaner cover and air filter. He then took the stock backing plate off.

07. Included in the RSD kit are two threaded inserts that were screwed into the breathers so that the new breather bolts would fit. With those in, we bolted the backing plate onto the breathers with the supplied breather spacers (arrow).

08. With the breather bolts hand-tightened down, the three supplied chrome Allen bolts were then tightened to the throttle body and everything was torqued down to factory spec.

09. Lastly, the velocity stack tube was installed with the supplied chrome Allen bolts and installation was complete. Richard then headed to work and had the Stage One EFI tuning software installed.


11. After. The black pipes look and sound great, and the RSD stack gives Richard’s leg much more room when riding. Plus, the whole package just looks badass! Don’t forget to listen to how the new setup sounds by logging onto hotbikeweb.com for a sound clip and step-by-step video installation.

When the Nightster made its debut back in 2007, it won the attention of many younger Harley enthusiasts, and the customizing bug bit a whole new generation. Such was the case with this ’07 Nightster owned by Richard Merwin, parts and accessories specialist at Skip-Fordyce Harley-Davidson in Riverside, California. After Richard bought the bike, he started modding the Sporty to better fit his style but hadn’t done up the most common exchange that Harley owners make until he stumbled on RC Components’ RCX-haust line of 2 1/2-inch slip-ons with full coverage black heatshields for ’06-11 Sportster models ($449 for black, $369 for chrome). The system mimics the styling of straight drag pipes without skimping on the deep throaty sound that drag pipes produce.

To complement the minimalist look the black pipes provide, Richard chose a Roland Sands Design (RSD) Nostalgia Velocity Stack ($369.95). The stack is available for ’91-11 Sportsters, is available in chrome and black anodize, and is less bulky than the stock app and sucks in more air, too. Plus, the all-black stack and chrome accents match the stainless steel mesh insert very well, giving the entire design a very clean aesthetic. Installation of both products was a snap and we transformed the Sporty in about an hour. For a step-by-step video installation of these products, log on to hotbikeweb.com.