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Landmark Motorcycle Accessories Teardrop Streamline Mirror,
The Streamlined Mirrors are small, simple, beautiful, and especially (insert your own adjective here). Some of the folks around the office actually started brawling when these mirrors arrived for us to shoot, because we all wanted them for our personal bikes. The mirrors are CNC-machined from high-grade billet aluminum and then covered in black (pictured here), but never fear, they’re also available in chrome. Plus, the Streamlined Mirrors are made to fit 1-inch further out than stock for a better look at what’s going on behind you.CONTACT Landmark Motorcycle Accessories (760) 941-6626

Xtreme MachineMagnum Wheel
Starting at $1,000
We hear the word Magnum and a mustached private investigator and a red Ferrari come to mind. We can’t remember seeing Magnum PI rolling around on a long chop or pro-street, but we’d bet good money that if the private dick were going to throw some new wheels on his bike, Xtreme Machine’s Magnum Wheels would be the smart play. Plus, there’s a multitude of sizes to choose from, and matching pulleys, rotors, and sprockets are available. CONTACT Xtreme Machine 217) 291-0200

Paughco Swingarm Frame For Road Kings
Attention ’98 and up FLT owners! Paughco, one of the oldest and largest custom frame producers on the planet, has released a new swingarm frame that is a direct replacement for your bagger. This chassis comes with 28 degrees of rake and accepts Twin Cam 88 and Evolution motors with matching touring model trannys. But the good news doesn’t stop there because you can re-use all of your existing sheetmetal, fork assembly, rear suspension, and other hardware.
CONTACT Paughco (775) 246-5728

Fuel Injection Module

So you’ve hopped up your bike by adding a high-flow air cleaner or a new exhaust system, but for some reason the air/fuel ratio is not running at its optimal performance. Don’t start panicking right away, because S&S; Cycle has just introduced the EZFI Fuel Injection Module. The module only impacts fuel delivery without making changes to stock ECM functions such as turn signals, safety functions, or instruments. Plus, it’s waterproof and is easy to install, as no crimping or soldering of wires is needed. The EZFI is available for all Harley-Davidson motorcycles that utilize a Delphi fuel injection system.
CONTACT S&S; (608) 627-8324

Weldcraft Tungsten Grinder
With the new Tungsten Grinder from Weldcraft, your job just got a whole lot easier. Precise enough for both orbital and hand-held applications, the grinder accommodates six different electrode diameters: 0.040-, 1/16-, 5/64-, 3/32-, 1/8- and 5/32-inch. It also offers four different grinding angles at varying degrees: 15, 18, 22.5, and 30 to ensure a good weld penetration and reliable arc starting. Also, to make it easier for you to use on the go, Weldcraft included a durable stainless steel carrying case so that you don’t damage your new toy in transit.
CONTACT Weldcraft (800) 752-7620

Stainless Creations Devil’s Tongue Velocity Stack
Contact For Price
Can you say 360 degrees of rotation? OK, now apply that to this new stack-made in the USA of polished stainless steel by the folks at Stainless Creations-because you can rotate it up, down, forward, backward, cock-eyed, whatever you want, for the custom look you’re after. Each stack contains and internal air filter to keep your engine breathing clean, and mounting hardware is also included.re is also included. CONTACT Stainless Creations
(660) 727-2332

Leroy-Thompson Signature Series Accessories Grips $150,Gas Cap $130
If you’re looking for matching parts for your ride, Leroy-Thompson has just introduced an entire line of goodies to bring out the best in your bike’s appearance. The grips are CNC-machined in a dotted/slotted configuration and then meshed with a metallic insert of your choosing: bronze, copper, brass, or rust, and are available in either OE applications or internal throttle applications. Gas Caps are made of solid steel with a steel bung and are then fitted in the same manner as the grips with varying metals of your choosing. Gas Caps come with or without a breather.
CONTACT Leroy Thompson Choppers (440) 266-1635