TBR Sportster Intake and 2-into-1 Exhaust

Open Up!

  1. With the stock air cleaner removed, we installed the TBR intake baseplate.

  1. The air cleaner element was then fitted to the base.

  1. The outer piece of the Comp-V was bolted to the baseplate.

  1. As you can see, the TBR air cleaner has a removable center plate.

  1. The block-off plate can be swapped out for a screw-on Velocity Stack.

  1. If you wanted to run unfiltered and unobstructed air, you can do so.

  1. Moving on to the exhaust, we install the stock 02 sensors from the old pipes into the TBR 2-1 exhaust’s blacked-out head pipes.

  1. The TBR head pipes were then loosely installed onto the bike.

  1. The muffler/Y-pipe assembly was slid onto the TBR header pipes.

  1. The assembly was then bolted to TBR’s exhaust mount, and motocross-like exhaust springs were used to secure it at the Y-pipe/header joint.

  1. The heat shields were installed, and everything was tightened to both TBR and factory specs. And we are done!

  1. As you can see, the TBR intake and exhaust give this Sportster better breathing as well as a far more aggressive look than stock. And it sounds amazing!

Even on small motors, like the 883 Sportsters, a better-breathing intake and exhaust is always the first step in making more horsepower. Take for instance the TBR Comp-V High-Flow Intake with V-Stack and Comp S 2-1 Exhaust System. Both are designed to get that bike’s air and exhaust flowing much better than stock. You also lose about 50 percent of the weight over the heavy stock air cleaner and pipes the bike comes with, so that helps too! Just take a look at how much better looking the bike becomes with the addition of the TBR kit on our 2013 H-D Iron 883. We are sure you can agree. It’s a total win-win situation of power, sound, and appearance.