Super Shox Rear Shocks Installed

The Suspension Section

As seen straight out of the box.

Words and Photos: Jeff Leighton

Coming from a Sprint and Midget car racing background, the folks at Super Shox are in love with all things fast. Beyond that, they are also pretty into Harley-Davidson motorcycles as well. So it was inevitable that Super Shox was going to be making its own line of USA-made shock absorbers for V-twin motorcycles. These shocks are gas-assist monotube shocks like many others, but Super Shox are much different than many aftermarket suspension offerings.

We installed a set on our favorite commuter H-D Dyna and were very pleased with their great looks and amazing overall performance over anything the tarmac threw at us.

The Super Shox have a light-feeling compression movement to let the suspension move freely over those little shutter bumps and freeway grooves, but they also have advanced valving to control those substantial impacts like potholes and speed bumps.

Words and Photos: Jeff Leighton


Another nice accoutrement these shocks possess is a calibrated preload adjuster, so one can really dial in their personal suspension quality for both solo and two-up riding.

Words and Photos: Jeff Leighton

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