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Saturated In Brainless Skulls

Reaper Chopper

Why fear the reaper when you can ride one?

Hot Bike Staff

How the mind’s eye perceives detail and how the brain stores this information can actually be quite interesting. For example, have you ever noticed that a Payday candy bar is really just a Baby Ruth without any chocolate on it?

To some this might sound like just so much hogwash but to Tory Stone, owner of the bike featured here, it’s as real as the kernels in an army of creamed corn. Tory intended for the concept of his ’03 special construction bike to evolve around the ever- changing hues of its House of Kolor Chameleon paint base color and infinite number of human skulls. Tory is a man of many talents, and custom-painting his bike to reflect his admiration of exotic ever-changing colors and the skeletal remains of a human was just the beginning.

Tory created his own custom gas tank with a 2-inch stretch and a capacity for fuelish adventure by welding sheetmetal extensions and then hand-forming them with a hammer Thor himself would be proud to claim. The thunder from Stone’s Reaper emanates from a 100-inch, Evo-style RevTech motor fueled by a 42mm Mikuni carb and sparked by a Crane Hi-4 ignition system. For the evacuation of spent exhaust gases and a healthy bark, Tory selected a Samson Street Sweeper. To contain his 100-inch RevTech’s life’s blood, he formed an oil tank to rest beneath a seat he upholstered from genuine alligator hide and a layer of aircraft foam for padding. To handle the transfer of power from the motor to his six-speed transmission, Tory installed a BDL beltdrive and clutch setup. A beefy, big and bouncy 140/70/18 Bridgestone rear tire isolates a genuine Stone’s Vision 18×5.5 billet wheel equipped with a matching Stone’s Vision Polish stainless steel brake rotor. Suspending the rear of Stone’s Reaper hangs a modified Craftec swingarm dampened with a pair of CCI shock absorbers.

As if custom-painting his own bike isn’t enough to showcase Tory’s talents, the main thrust of Stone’s Reaper was to demonstrate the beauty of the billet components that Tory manufactures and markets. Rising up like horns on a Pagan god is a set of 1-1/2-inch Carlini pullback handlebars atop a set of Stone’s billet triple-trees clamping a pair of 4-inch-over extended fork tubes and custom sliders from Midwest Cycle Supply. A matching 21-inch Stone’s Vision front wheel shod with a vintage Yokohama rib-pattern tire directs a Stone’s Vision Polish stainless-steel brake rotor and Stone’s billet caliper packed with a pair of Repco metallic brake pads.

Since the photographing of Stone’s Reaper, Tory has relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, where the desert sun beats down on the bike’s Chameleon paint, playing mind games with all who see it.

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