Stainless-Steel Oil Filter – Pure Power Finds 9 Hp And 9.5 Lb-Ft Of Torque

Cleanable And Reusable Stainless-Steel Oil Filter


2. We wanted to look inside to see what makes up this filter: polished outer housing, stainless-steel filter element, filter base, and spring-loaded bypass check ball.

3. As an added component, a small rare-earth magnet is placed in the mesh of the filter element to help collect any iron base metal. This magnet is strong enough to lift 2 lbs. The internal O-rings are made of a high-quality oil and gas-resistant Viton that will positively seal for the life of your bike.

4. Here’s a quick look at both the stock filter (left) and the Pure Power filter (right). The two are almost the same size, so this filter will work with any of the stock filter applications. The Pure Power filter also has a 1-inch hex-head fitting on the top for easy removal. The machined fins on the filter almost double the surface area, eliminating the need for an external oil cooler.

5. A look at the top of the filter. You’ll notice the difference is the size of the oil-flow holes: The Pure Power filter holes are bigger for less resistance and more flow.

6. We started with a stock ’07 H-D Road Glide; the only modification was exhaust. We drained all the old oil out and even ran a bit of fresh oil through just to make sure that all the oil was new. We filled the oil bag back up with 4 quarts of clean (Brand X) oil and installed a new stock filter.

7. With two passes we got 57.3 horsepower and 71.9 lb-ft of torque.

8. We let the bike cool down a bit and then drained out the oil. We ran a bit of Pure Power oil through just to flush out the lines to ensure all the oil would be fresh, and then pulled off the old filter. Then we put in the new Pure Power filter with a small amount of oil on the O-ring to ensure that it wouldn’t bind up when we spun it onto the filter housing.

9. To get a fair run at this, Pure Power points out that with its own 15-40W oil, you will get the best result; the company is known for its lubricants, using only the best, whereas most of the other big names out there use the lowest grade and cheapest petroleum available with tons of additives. Take the time to visit the company’s website to read all the benefits of Pure Power oil; we don’t have the space to list them all here. At this time you can get this oil in 5-gallon drums for around $90. That puts it at about $5 a quart.

10. Next, 4 quarts of Pure Power 15-40W were added to the bike, along with the filter.

11. Then it was time to make a few passes on the dyno.

12. We picked up more than 9 hp and 9.5 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel. Both times the bike had no adjustments-just oil and filter changes. Seeing this kind of power for around $200 is very impressive. With less drag and wear and tear on the motor, along with easier flow of oil that’s really filtering out all the crap, we have to say say it’s a good deal.

If you could gain 8-10 lb-ft of torque just from an oil change, would you do it? We think so. When you start looking for ways to get more power from your bike, an oil change might be the last thing that occurs to you. Most guys immediately think bigger, like exhaust systems and motor hop-ups and things that cost a lot of money, not to mention all that time your bike would be off the road. So when we were told that a simple oil change could find horsepower, we wanted to see if it was true. It’s actually as simple as freeing up parasitic drag caused by standard paper oil filters and cheap oil. Then we were told that the Pure Power filter was a reusable oil filter made of billet aluminum with a removable filter element that can be washed out with soap and hot water. We decided to try it out to see for ourselves.

We got our hands on one of Pure Power’s reusable filters. The American-made 6061 T-6 billet-aluminum housing is designed, engineered, and manufactured to last the lifetime of your motorcycle. The deep-pleated, duplex-woven T304 stainless-steel filter media has the largest amount of filter area available and provides for “one-pass” absolute filtering. Cleaner oil provides longer engine life, longer oil life, better fuel economy, and lower emissions. We stopped by Horn Cycle Works in Pomona, CA, to test out the Pure Power filter and oil change and get a few dyno runs in to see what kind of results we’d get from this simple upgrade.