S&S/Luebeck Billet Primary Cover – Victory Tech

An ’06 Victory Hammer with the Rick Luebeck-designed S&S; billet primary cover.

After putting the bike on the lift and tying it down, the left side cover was removed to disconnect the negative battery cable. This step should be taken any time engine work is performed.

We started the disassembly by removing the shifter linkage and disconnecting the stator plug, which is located inboard of the left framerail.

Continuing on, we removed the plate and cap seal plate from the rear of the primary cover. After loosening the clutch cable adjusters, the cable was removed from the clutch pinion shaft arm…

…followed by removal of the clutch pinion shaft arm retaining bolt.

Now the pinion shaft arm was free to be pulled out and the primary cover screws removed. The cover was then pulled away from the motor.

Because the new primary cover is wider than the stock unit, the clutch rack must be spaced outward. We used internal snap-ring pliers to remove the clutch rack assembly. The threads in the rack engage the pinion shaft arm-gear teeth that operate the clutch mechanism.

The threaded clutch rack and bearing were pressed into the longer S&S; rack insert. The assembly was slid back into the pressure plate and secured with the snap ring.

Before proceeding, we had to remove the stator from the stock cast Victory primary cover.

A 5mm Allen wrench was used to remove the stator and the wire bracket from the stock cover.

Using the stock hardware, the stator was bolted into the S&S; cover.

Bearings for the shifter shaft and pinion shaft arm were lubricated with motor oil before…

…putting the primary gasket in place. A few drill bits were used to hold the gasket in place. This prevents pinching the gasket and makes assembly easier.

The S&S; primary cover was slid into place; the drill bits helped locate the cover into its proper position.

After snugging up the new cover, the pinion shaft arm was slid into the primary cavity. For proper clutch actuation, the top of the arm must be oriented approximately 15 degrees out from the centerline of the bike.

A longer pinion shaft retaining bolt was tightened down and all the cover screws torqued to 85 lb-in.

A new billet derby cover, with Viton O-ring, rounds out the new primary cover. To keep the O-ring in place, a dab of grease was spread around the groove in the back of the derby cover…

…followed by tightening the new chromed button-head Allens. Finally, the clutch cable was reinstalled, stator plugged back in, shifter linkage reinstalled, and the battery reconnected.

Rick Luebeck, owner of Polaris West, located in the heart of Katy, TX, has been in the Victory Motorcycles business since its inception. Polaris Industries is the mother company of Victory, and Rick has been one of its top dealers since 1993. Rick has always been an avid motorcyclist, as well as building and modifying (among other bikes) Victorys. He likes looks but is just as interested in performance. That’s where the inspiration for designing a custom primary cover for Freedom-powered Victory motorcycles was born.

Looking around the motorcycle industry, Rick didn’t find many Victory-specific performance or custom parts. He wanted to give the primary-drive side of the motor a better look-tougher and unique. In addition, his cover could accommodate future clutch upgrades that power-mongers like himself would surely want. Rick was fortunate enough to run into some S&S; representatives at a motorcycle show, and they sat down and discussed the need for speed, so to speak, among Victory owners. It turned out that S&S; was also thinking forward with regards to performance parts for Victorys.

A collaboration was born between Rick and S&S; for the production of his billet primary cover design, and the S&S; primary cover was debuted to the public on Rick’s custom Victory chopper at the Polaris 50th-anniversary open house in St. Paul, MN. Starting out as a 69-pound block of 6061 billet aluminum, the beefy-looking primary cover is created on a CNC machine at S&S;’s Wisconsin facilities. With a suggested retail of $1,795, the billet primary cover comes with chrome hardware, Loctite, derby cover with O-ring, and a spacer for the clutch rack. Footpeg spacers for Kingpin models are also included. What it doesn’t come with is a new primary gasket. Assembly was straightforward, requiring internal snap-ring pliers and basic handtools. Just make sure they’re metric, as all of the fasteners on Victorys are.


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