S&S Board Chairman Changes

George B. Smith to become Chairman Emeritus of S&S Cycle

Effective July 15, 2014 George B. Smith (71), current Chairman of the Board and CEO of S&S Cycle, will retire from regular involvement and become Chairman Emeritus. In his new role, he will continue to work with the S&S Cycle Board of Directors on strategic initiatives and other critical issues. With Smith’s retirement John McGinnis, an S&S Board Director since 2007 and Vice-Chairman the past three years, has been elected Chairman of the Board effective on that date. Smith has been working closely with McGinnis on many significant projects which have prepared McGinnis for a smooth transition. In addition to his S&S Cycle Board involvement, Mr. McGinnis has been President of successful businesses and serves on several other company Boards.

S&S Cycles

George J. Smith and his wife Marjorie A. Smith (maiden name also Smith) founded the business in 1958 and moved it to Viola, Wisconsin in 1969. George B., oldest of second generation Smith children, joined the business in 1979 and became President following his father’s untimely and sudden passing in August of 1980. After becoming President, he led the effort to see S&S become the leader in the v-twin motorcycle performance market.. Mr. Smith has been a member of the Board for 35 years and Chairman since 2002.

“The past 35 years has been quite a ride,” stated Smith. “I am very proud of what the S&S Team has accomplished. I was extremely fortunate and blessed to be in the right place at the right time with a great group of family members and employees dedicated to continue the legacy Dad and Mom started. But the time has come for me to step back a bit and enjoy some time off and let the organization we built led by our Board of Directors take over. As Chairman Emeritus I will continue to be involved as necessary while at the same time spending more time with my wife Connie and family which includes eleven grandchildren and soon to be three great grandchildren. I have great confidence in our Board and after working closely with John McGinnis the past seven years, I find him well qualified to take over ongoing Chairman responsibilities.”

“It is a great honor to become Chairman of S&S Cycle and relieve George of some of his responsibilities so he can enjoy some well-deserved time off,” stated McGinnis. “I look forward to coordinating the Board’s efforts in further developing our management team as we continue to grow S&S in today’s demanding and changing market place. I’m confident this transition will go smoothly including working with George and the other Shareholders. These are opportunistic times at S&S Cycle and I find it challenging and exciting to work with S&S President Steve Iggens and the S&S Team to develop and implement new strategic initiatives that will best serve our customers into the future.”

S&S Cycle has been designing, developing, manufacturing and selling Proven Performance Parts for American v-twin motorcycles since 1958. Located in Viola and La Crosse, WI, S&S Cycle remains a family owned business.