Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters | Used and Abused

With winter coming our way I wanted to test some sort of cover or contraption that those riders without garages could benefit from. After looking at a few options, I got a hold of a shelter from Speed-Way Shelters and decided to give it a try. The unit is like an element-defying tent for your bike. All you have to do to set up the retractable shelter is snap it together (no tools are needed), anchor it to the ground, and you are ready to ride your bike into this clamshell-like apparatus. The Shelter is constructed of high-density polyester that is water and UV protected with a powdercoated frame for corrosion resistance. To temper the heat from a hot motorcycle, the shelter also has ventilation windows that can be fully adjusted or closed altogether when it rains or snows. The shelter is available in two sizes: one for cruisers and one for touring bikes and both come with internal LED lights for those late night storage sessions. I have used my Speed-Way Shelter for a few months now and it has seen its fair share of heat and rain and all the while my bike has stayed clean, dry, and in great running condition. I would highly suggest this shelter to anyone wanting to house his or her bike away from the elements. – JGH