Speed and Strength Strip Search Leather Gloves Review

Used glove review

Speed and Strength Strip Search Leather Gloves Review

Speed and Strength Strip Search Leather Gloves Review

Photo: Robert Martin

I’ve been riding with these gloves for the past 3 months. At first glance, I really like that these gloves are not heavily branded. No big dorky logos that stand out like a big pimple on your face. These gloves blend with all categories of riding. I can see a streetbike guy, a V-twin guy or your LA retro hipster boy really gravitating towards these. What sets these apart from your standard black, all leather classic clean riding glove is in the details.

I’m an ’80s child, so I really love the velcro hoop and look closer. Very easy to get on and off. The knuckle protectors with a leather, perforated covering with a hard plastic underneath have to be the main feature on these mittens. Having knuckle protection always gives me that feeling of protection and the kid in me feels like a super hero. On the inside they’ve sewn in a nice gel pad for comfort and you don’t feel the plastic knuckle much at all. The double padding is in all the right places and when you’re on the controls, there’s really no stiff points to speak of.

If your looking for a versatile, classic black leather glove with great protection for a really fair price, give these Strip Search gloves from Speed and Strength a try.

Leather Frame
Engineered Thermoplastic Knuckle Protectors With Leather Covering
Reinforced Leather Palm
Hook And Loop Wrist Closure
Pre-curved Race Cut Fit
Price: $69.95
Colors: Black only

For more info go to www.ssgear.com