SOG Trident Tanto Knife

Used and Abused

trident tanto

A nice and simple blade.

As abused by Jeff G. Holt

When my last blade went missing, it felt like I lost a small folding family member. Saddened that the trusty knife I carried for more than a decade was discontinued by its manufacturer, I searched the Interweb high and low for what features I liked in a pocket knife, and the Trident line of knives from SOG seemed to fit the bill. Once I got the knife I liked with the black TiNi finish, as well as the Digi-Grip variable pattern on the Zytel Nylon grip, it felt like my hand was almost glued to the knife. There are no fancy springs or illegal (where I live) automatic opening on this knife—just a nice and simple blade that must be manually pulled out of the handle. It also has a built-in safety that locks the blade closed when it is not in use. At 8.5 inches open, the Trident is a good-sized knife and has all the features any biker needs in a no-frills pocketknife.


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