Up In Smoke

When there is nothing left untouched, torch it.

In the last few years, custom motorcycles have pushed the limits of what can feasibly be done with only two wheels, a motor and a lot of creativity. The lines between function and art become fused together as boundaries are continually broken, and outlandish ideas become reality. John Shope from Sinister Industries has been pushing limits and breaking boundaries in the custom V-Twin world for decades. If your jaw has ever dropped leaving you scratching your head at a bike blowin’ huge flames into the sky, there’s a good chance you were gawkin’ at one of his creations. When the idea of this bike named “Twisted” was rattling around inside his mad mind, it was the marriage of fantasy meet functionality that this bike was born.

How did you come up with the concept for Twisted?

JS: When did an orange bike with a 30 that won Baddest Bike in Sturgis and I wanted to do a Street Glide. We started with a Foose wheel and had it hand engraved. I said when I get this wheel painted, I’ll sell the bike. Sure enough when the wheel was done and I put it on Facebook, I ended up having a guy from South Africa bid on the bike. I told him what I was going to do and he was all over it. He didn’t end up with the it, but the bike was immediately sold and the work begun.

What was the next step in making this bike come to life?

JS: The bike took a year to build. We made everything. A bunch of stuff is made out of metal, but obviously the fairing and the saddle bags are fiberglass. We started off with Ness bags and then cut them and swooped the back down and made our own lids. We cut the neck off and laid it on the ground. Then we took a Street Glide outer fairing and a Road King nacelle and melted them together. The inside is a Road King and the outside is a Street Glide. Then I cut out where the headlight was and made the wheel sit all the way down where the visor of the headlight is and put a LED light inside a glass lens. The license plate comes out of the back and folds back in. The air cleaner is ridiculous too. Everything works off the key. It’s got two big air bottles, so when you hit the button it lifts up like a car four and half inches and falls just as fast so its totally rideable. Off the key you can start the bike, open and close the lids, and blow the flames. It was an incredible amount work and we left nothing untouched.

How did you decide on the colors?

JS: I didn’t want to do anything with skulls everywhere and so I went totally way outside the box. I picked the Bentley blue and cream colors. I wanted to make this bike with all the engraving and 3-D work like a piece of art. People who don’t even like motorcycles walk up and are taken back. You might hate it and it might not be for everybody but there’s nobody that has made anything compared to the bike. People will be walking by and all of a sudden the bike will start up and they’ll jump back. Then the fuel will spit out of the pipes and then it starts doing its thing.

Awe. Yes, what about those signature flames?

JS: I’ve done that system for years. We inject fuel into the pipes and with a spark box. This thing will be burn as long as you hold the button. When we were putting it together I said we needed to put heat shields on the bags. When the wind is blowing, the flames just blow right on to the bags. After it got it all together I noticed we forgot them. When we were in Sturgis I was lighting the bike and it melted the clear. At Full Throttle while doing the burnout the bags caught on fire. We got back home and repainted the bags and built the stainless heat shield. Those things get hot too.

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Owner Keith Boker

Shop John Shope’s Sinister Industries

Website sinisterindustries.com

Year/Make/Model 2010/Harley-Davidson/Street Glide

Fabrication Sinister

Build Time 1 year

Engine H-D

Year/Type/Size 2010/Twin Cam/107

Builder Trask

Heads H-D/Trask

Cams Woods

Air Cleaner Sinister

EFI Controller Thunder Max

Exhaust Sinister


Year/Type 2010/ H-D

Clutch Primo

Primary Drive Primo


Year/Type 2010/ H-D

Rake/Stretch 40 degrees/alot


Frontend Sinister

Length Four Over

Triple Trees HHI

Swingarm H-D/Sinister

Rear Shocks Sinister

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes


Builder/Size Metal Sport/ 30-inch

Tire/Size Vee Rubber/ 30-inch

Calipers Glendyne

Rotors Glendyne/ 18-inch


Builder/Size H-D/Stock

Tire/Size H-D/16-inch

Caliper H-D

Rotor RC Components

Pulley RC Components


Manufacturer PPG

Colors Bently Light Blue/Cream

Paint/Graphics Sinthium Paint

Powdercoating Affordable Powder Coating


Front Fender Sinister

Rear Fender Sinister

Gas Tank Sinister

Dash Sinister

Gauges H-D/ Nu Image

Handlebars Sinister

Grips Sinister

Mirrors Eddie Trotta

Hand Controls Performance Machine

Foot Controls Sinister

Floorboards Sinister

Headlight Sinister

Taillight Sinister

License Mount Sinister

Seat Sinister

Stereo Rockford

Amplifier Rockford

Speakers Rockford