Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon Helmet Review

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Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon Helmet review

The Ghost Bandit is available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Color choices are white, black, and matte black for $449, and the carbon-fiber version shown here is $649.

By The Hot Bike Staff

The Simpson Ghost Bandit Helmet is a huge nod to the traditional line of Simpson Bandit helmets but is outfitted with more modern safety, convenience, and styling features most riders are looking for in a helmet today.

The Ghost Bandit’s DOT/ECE-approved shell has been aerodynamically designed for motorcycle riding and is fully ventilated with six different vents for maximum airflow. This is something past Bandit helmets never had. Simpson is also getting up with the current line of helmets with integrated microphone and speaker pockets for easy installation of communication devices. The Ghost Bandit also has a handy tool-free shield-removal system and a “drop-down” sun visor inner shield like many other high-end on-road motorcycle helmets possess.

When I put on the size large helmet it felt a bit snug (I usually wear an XL), but after an hour or so it felt really good on my head. The liner is well made and baby-butt soft out of the box, but I feel that I will need some thinner cheek pads if I am riding in it for more than a few hours.

The first day on the bike with the Ghost Bandit I rode my usual route to work and then peeled off about 100 miles the next day. The aerodynamics of the Ghost Bandit seemed to cut through the air well and had minimal buffeting even over my FXRT and FXDXT fairings. The dual adjustable chin vents along with the top and rear ventilation ports worked well and didn’t fog up even at low speeds or in stop-and-go traffic situations. When looking over my shoulder checking on traffic I noticed that my peripheral vision is far better than any other Simpson model I have ridden, and it’s right up there with my beloved Arai Defiant and Bell Star helmets.

Other attributes I personally liked about this helmet was of course the design and how light the carbon-fiber version is, but the best of all was how quiet it is at riding speeds over 60 mph. After using this helmet as my daily skid lid for more than a month I can honestly tell you that this is a great helmet and a home run for Simpson.

If you love the look of the venerable Simpson Bandit Helmet but crave a modern helmet up there in the ranks of a Bell or Shoei, then I would seriously check out the Ghost Bandit at

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