Sick Boy Motorcycles Billy Idol, Vince Neil

Roll in and Rock Out

What could be better than banging your head to some good ol’ hard rock, while surrounded by horsepower and chrome? Oogling over hot women is always better, I guess. But what if you could have all three?

Well guess what, the the Northeast Motorcycle expo in Boston, Feb 7th and 8th will have the perfect trinity of ecstasy. Sick Boy Motorcycles will be having its 10th anniversary party at the show.The headline band is “The Big Ball Stars. “Who the F___is that?” you say. The “Big BallStars” are a power chord of some the hottest rockers, when rock was all about hot women crawling on cars, blown out hair, and 4th of July-esqu stage shows. The line up features McAuley of MSG and Survivor, Chris Holmes of WASP, Dizzy Reed of GNR yes that GNR, Janni Lane from Warrant, and members of RATT, VINCE NEIL, ALICE COOPER, and BILLY IDOL. This is the best band line up at any indoor motorcycle show that we know of period! The show is host to many other things like 100s of vendors and celebrity motorcycle builders.The show is listed on both the website and the promoters website have2choices you can go and see it or hear everyone else who was there talk about it.