The Shift Minder

Dynatek's Alternative to a Tach

Installing Dynatek’s Shift Minder was a very simple job. The kit consists of the shift light, programming module, and wiring that plugs right into the connection for your tach. If you take a close look at the module, you’ll see that there are several pre-programmed settings to choose from. We set ours to 4,000 rpm with the press of a button on the module.

We did, however, need to take a small piece of metal and drill two holes in it to use as a mounting bracket.

Dynatek’s Terry Stewart mounted the bracket next to the speedometer using the stock allen bolt that held the speedo in place, then used another smaller allen to join the Shift Minder to the bracket.

Once the module was mounted to the frame neck using double-sided tape, Terry plugged the light’s connector to the tach connection under the seat, then used some zip ties to keep the wiring clean and hidden

Cool. Drag-racing style with the functionality of a tachometer in one small, simple package.

When you’re drag racing at the track or on the street, time and concentration are two precious commodities that you can’t afford to waste. That’s why someone somewhere came out with the idea of a shift light.

A shift light lights up when your motor reaches a predetermined rpm, so you know it’s time to shift gears; racers usually set theirs for peak horsepower.

Dynatek’s Shift Minder is one such light, and it’s designed to plug directly into your stock electrical system at the tach connection. Since our `02 Sportster has the XR750 racer paint scheme, we thought it would be the perfect candidate for a Shift Minder. So follow along as we show you just how easy it is to install one of these units.