Sena Technologies Joins the Hot Bike Tour

Sena is a proud sponsor and is offering demos of their products on the tour

Hot Bike Tour is the biggest event we do all year and it wouldn’t be possible without our industry leading sponsors. Today I was able to have a Q&A with my new friend Leah at Sena Technologies and got the 411 on who they are, what they do, and how they enhance the world of the modern rider.

Sena started in 1998 with their Bluetooth technology being offered solely for industrial applications. Their CEO, who rides by the way, was utilizing one of the leading Bluetooth motorcycle communication set-ups and was in love with the idea but knew that he could do better. With that in mind, Sena set out to create a way for riders to communicate effectively from the saddle of their motorcycle without sacrificing the riding experience.

Since the 2010 release of their award winning wireless headset/intercom unit, the SMH10, Sena has released a full line of communication and video recording options to enhance your adventure. From the simple 1-to-1 capability of the SMH5 to the 20S that has all of the bells and whistles you could ever need. They even have a unit that has an integrated 1080p HD camera! That is something that should produce a great experience when reviewing footage over a few cold ones after a day on Tail of the Dragon. Yes, we’re riding Tail of the Dragon and it will be absolutely no fun. (Insert sarcasm here)

Sena is a proud sponsor of the Hot Bike Tour, be sure to check out their website for great gear.

Photo Courtesy of Sena

Not only do they have units to add to your favorite brain container but they also offer the Smart Helmet. This bad boy uses a combo of microphones and tech to sense and cancel out potentially damaging levels of ambient noise to reduce risk of long term hearing damage. Without going too deep down the rabbit hole of nerdy speak, this thing is amazing! Comfort, Bluetooth coms and music, noise reduction, and quality ventilation all in one carbon fiber package. If you’re gonna be riding with us this fall Sena will have a selection of their smart helmets for you to demo so you can experience it for yourself and not take this guy’s word for it.

When asked, “Why Hot Bike Tour?”, Leah told me that partnering with a program that allows riders to line the Sena experience first hand seemed like a no brainer and I couldn’t agree more. While on the road with us you’ll find that most of our sponsors are in a similar frame of mind. I mean, why tell me when you can show me?

Sena is a proud sponsor of Hot Bike Tour 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited to have them on the road in every sweeping turn of the journey. Having daily access to industry leaders like Sena is just one of many exceptional reasons to justify the 1,000 mile long party we’re gonna throw. Check out their beautiful website for more in-depth info and videos on their full line of products for the modern rider at More sponsor, builder, and locale info is coming soon so keep your ears as open as your throttle. Work it out.