Scala-Rider Q2 Helmet Radio

Cell Phone Meets Highway

1. The Scala-Rider Q2 set includes one headset with wind-resistant microphone, slim fit speakers, one battery wall charger, a travel pouch, extra micro foam, and one hex wrench for installation.

2. To install the Q2, simply slide the inside of the headset clamp on to the left side of your helmet’s liner. You can move the headset back and forward so that the microphone is in front of your mouth. Then tighten the mount screws with the hex wrench so that the headset is held tight to the edge of the helmet.

3. Next, place the earpiece inside the helmet’s liner as close to your ear as you can. Press the earpiece firmly to your liner; ot has a Velcro back to adhere to the liner

4. Then the headset battery (needs to be charged before use) slides onto the headset clamp. Push down till you hear the click.

5. Test the fitment of the micro and the earpieces before you get on the bike for a ride. (It’s not safe to do any adjustment once you start your ride).

6. Lastly, all you need to do is set your phone’s Bluetooth to the headset. Once the headset is powered up, push the FM radio button for tunes. With voice control technology (VOX), when calls come in, all you need to do is say “answer,” and the radio shuts off and the phone call starts. The same goes for the rider-to-rider-as soon as you talk the radio stops and the conversation begins.

We all know that feeling of missing an important phone call when out on a ride. Some of us are out for hours at a time, and by the time you stop to check your phone messages, it may be too late to get important info. What if you could receive incoming calls by voice command and initiate calls by one-button push and voice command, all while you’re riding? Cardo Wireless, Inc. introduces the new Scala Rider Q2 headset. The unit allows bikers to receive GPS voice instructions, communicate with the passenger on the back seat, conduct calls on their mobile phone (as long as it has Bluetooth), and listen to the embedded FM radio as you ride. Cardo Wireless, Inc. has a full line of headsets from single to team sets for up to four riders on one signal. The Q2 on a full charge has up to seven hours of talk time and about 10 days of standby. The cost of the Q2 is $189.95.