SBS Brakes Presents High Performance Brake Pads for American V­-Twin Motorcycles on the GEICO Motorcycle Hot Bike Tour

Scandinavian Braking Systems (SBS) Brakes is proud to present a premium selection of brake pads for American V­twin motorcycles.

SBS is a leading supplier of motorcycle and powersports brake pads worldwide. Through extensive research, testing, and development, SBS has built three different brake pad compounds to accommodate the many riding styles of the American V­twin rider.
SBS brought their brake pads to the heart of American V­twin motorcycle riding for authentic, real world testing on the Geico Motorcycle Hot Bike Tour and captured it on video. Enjoy!

SBS offers three types of brake pads for American V­twin Motorcycles:

Sintered ­ H.HS front and H.LS Rear

SBS Street Sintered brake pads for strong braking performance, solid brake feel, and great functionality in wet and dry conditions, are brake rotor friendly and recommended for new H­D machines from 2000 and later. The sintered pads are designed for heavyweight motorcycles and require no thermal bedding in.SBS features the only sintered aftermarket brake pads with a specific rear compound for Harley­Davidson motorcycles. These special sintered rear brake pads are equipped with a friction level that has been adjusted to avoid excessive braking and lock up of the rear wheel and are matched to the SBS front sintered brake pads for safety and performance.

Organic Ceramic ­ H.HF front/rear

Next in the lineup are SBS ceramic compound brakes for the street. The ceramic compound brake pads from SBS are long­lasting brake pads designed for baggers and touring machines to perform well in a variety of conditions, including wet roads, changing temperatures, and varying brake pressures. These are perfect for the touring and cruiser riders who will enjoy less noise, less wear on rotors and pads, and less dust.

Organic Carbon ­ CT Front/rear

Finally we have the SBS carbon brake pads. These carbon brake pads are a simple upgrade from the ceramic SBS brake pads and offer good and affordable performance with increased braking performance and temperature stability. All organic SBS pads feature NRS bonding technology, which secures the highest safety and performance level at any temperature throughout the lifetime of the pads. The CT is tailored to deliver upgraded performance to pre­2000 bikes, as well as friendly functionality on polished rotors typically used on custom and show bikes.

Brake pads have come a long way over the years. SBS brake pads are leading the way with specific brake pads designed for American V­twin motorcycles, featuring three different compounds built to accommodate the many riding styles of the American V­twin rider.

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