Rivera Primo Inc. Hed LED™ Headlight System

Damn its bright in here...

There are few things in life that are just obvious. The HedLED™ Headlight system is so obvious it was alarming that it hadn’t been done before. So we did it! Combining a high end halogen headlight with built in led’s for use as either turn signals (if legal in your area) or running lights is the best thing since sliced bread. And the extra bright led’s work great day or night.

The ‘Mighty Magnum’ (1116-0001) is a 9″ long bullet style with built-in visor chrome aluminum 5 3/4″ HedLED headlight and has double o-rings to keep the weather out. It comes complete with a super bright H4 halogen bulb (60 / 55w) with a 3 bar clear lens and of course our proprietary led ring for running lights or turn signals.

The “Mini Magnum” (1116-0010) is a 7″ long bullet style light with an integral external bezel. Show chrome aluminum and double o-ringed to keep water out. Includes a super bright H4 halogen bulb (60 / 55w) with Tri Bar, clear lens and Led ring for running lights or turn signals (if legal in your state).

The RFBHID (1116-0015) is a true HID (high intensity discharge) headlight. Its retro shape is way cool and adds to the beauty of any custom or stocker. Ithas all the advantages of the Mighty & Mini Magnum, plus the blazing brightness of a HID. And the LED’s are cleverly placed in the billet headlight bezel to give a truley ‘sanitary’ appearance.