Ridewright Accepts the Keys to Rampage Wheels

Anaheim, CA: With the greatest respect to the late Wendell Smith, Ridewright Wheels accepts the keys to Rampage Wheels to carry on his vision of providing billet wheel excellence. In that spirit, it will be better than business as usual for Rampage customers as Ridewright applies its premium service and its generous warranty that it is well-known for.

What wasn’t known was that that Rampage Wheels were created right in the Ridewright Wheel facilities in Anaheim, California for years. Therefore, Rampage’s assimilation was a simple solution to keeping the brand’s momentum. The time has come that Ridewright openly publicizes this industry secret so that the Rampage good name stays solid and Rampage customers can continue to count on billet wheel excellence. All Rampage contact information and branding will stay its own.

With the market’s spoke wheel leader merged fully with a billet wheel leader, the potential in this space is seemingly boundless.