RIDE system from Scorpio/ GPS device

create an “internet of (motorized) things”

Scorpio Ride System

The all-new Ride system is a GPS enabled device that combines location-based telemetry paired with a purpose-built digital platform to connect your motorcycle online. This unity of hardware and cloud-enabled services creates an “internet of (motorized) things” – an active connection to your bike and your rides.

The compact core module fits any bike with a 12-volt battery and an ignition switch with a simple three-wire plug-in connection. Using the bespoke iPhone and Android apps, or web dash, the rider is handed all the information they will need about their bike, available at any time. While most stand-alone apps only offer ride capture capabilities, few offer the reactivity and precision of the Ride hardware/software pair-up, all without considerable battery consumption.

Features such as early warning security alerts, ride tracking, 3D ride playback through Google Earth, automatic location notifications and bike stats allow users to get an in-depth look into their riding behaviors, while social media integration gives them quick access to bragging rights.

Ride Core is now available worldwide for $219. Modules including Ride Secure ($159) and TPM ($79.95) are also available, either separately or as a package. Data plans start at $10.95 for unlimited data. Buy Ride and find more information at www.ridescorpio.com

Find the apps on the App Store and Google Play