Removing Stock Harley-Davidson Pushrods With Bolt Cutters Is A Snap

Camshaft installation on a 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Street Bob made easier...

If you are new to customizing and servicing Harley-Davidsons, the idea of using bolt cutters on your shiny new V-twin engine might be intimidating. But that’s exactly what The Motor Company recommends to expedite removal of the stock pushrods as part of a camshaft swap.

By halving the pushrods, you can easily remove them without pulling the rocker boxes and tearing down the rocker arms. This saves significant time and labor as well as the costs associated with new parts, such as gaskets, breather plates, and O-rings.

bolt cutters

Here is an inexpensive, yet highly rated, set of bolt cutters.


At this point, you might be thinking, “So how do I install the new pushrods?” The glorious invention of adjustable pushrods makes this possible. Simply insert each rod at its shortest length and, once you’ve achieved the correct fit, tighten to the recommended torque.

If you can stomach the idea of using bolt cutters on your engine, tackling a camshaft swap will be much easier and less costly.