Readers’ Ride Pick Of The Month

Hometown Harleys

Built Not Bought

I realize the fat tire Pro-Street rigids are an acquired taste these days, but this bike was built by me, not bought at a store, dealership, or shop. The basic frame/rolling chassis was originally a 2006 Big Dog Pitbull kit fitted for a 300mm rear tire with Avon Rubber front and rear. I cut the 6-inch backbone stretch out of it down to 2 inches out, and relocated the down tubes shorter. I wanted the bike to be shorter in wheelbase as well as more comfortable for me to throw around and ride. The factory tank was also cut down in length to accommodate the lesser stretch in the backbone. The wheels are from Millennium Machine & Tool in Kansas. The triple trees are stock Big Dog units but the turn signal mounts and other edges have been turned down and eliminated. The Front End is a 2-inch-over Big Dog unit with a custom diamond plate fork brace and all the diamond plate parts were hand-formed and cut by me. There are Performance Machine calipers, Brembo rotors, and Russell braided steel brake lines front and rear supply the stopping power. The engine is a completely custom-built S&S 145-inch anniversary motor with an S&S ignition and a very modified G series carb. The exhaust is a custom unit also made in-house by me. Transmission is a Baker drivetrain six-speed with a few modifications on the trap door. The primary is a Baker DSSC unit with a Terry Components 3kw starter. I used the Big Dog seat and the rear fender was trimmed to see more tire. All the paint and airbrushing was done by me as well.

Vince Sansevere

Huntington, CT

Little Man Mason

This is my two-year-old son, Mason, on my 1994 XL 1200. When I came home from my tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps, my uncle had this bike sitting under a tarp. It had 4,200 miles on it and was barely broken in. I got rid of the gauges, replaced the tank and rear fender, and had all the tins painted flat black. Not focusing on flash and sparkle, this bike is bare bones and never runs less than perfect. Hopefully my little guy thinks it’s cool in a few years.

Sgt. Schreiber


Ultra Custom Cool

My bike is a 1991 Ultra Custom with an S&S 111 V-series motor and Patriot 2-into-1 exhaust. I also have a BDL 2-inch beltdrive ball bearing lock-up clutch. The stock frame has an HHI rake kit, H-D tri glide trees 2-over tubes. The wheel is a 21-inch front with a Southern Motorcycle Works rear shock. It also has Avon Venom tires, Arlen Ness rotors, Progressive suspension, Mustang seat, and a Küryakyn back rest.

Rob Engler

Boynton Beach, FL

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