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Mean Green Machine & Daddy's Little Monster: '05 Roadster Sportster

Mean Green Machine & Daddy’s Little Monster: ’05 Roadster Sportster

**Mean Green Machine**

Frank Schiavo was excited to email us these pictures of his latest bike project. While it’s a pretty sweet ride, what Frank is most proud of is the fact that he fabricated 90 precent of the bike. It has sweet chopper lines based on the rigid frame, springer frontend, and ape hangers. Frank rolled in the direction of modern performance by stuffing one of S&S’s powerful 124ci evo-style engines between the frame rails. As you inspect the bike, you can appreciate the attention to detail, time, and hard work Frank put into the bike to ensure everything flowed together. He painstakingly crafted details like the flame-cut coil cover, oil tank, and rear fender so they would complement the traditional flamed paint. As you can see, he also spent some time molding in the fender to the frame. We’re sure his hands and arms must be tired from all the twisting he did to create the sissybar, front legs on the springer, shift linkage, top motor mount, and footpegs. Nice job Frank, ride the hell out of it. And we can’t wait to see the next one.

**Daddy’s Little Monster**

Bob from Concord, California, bought his ’05 Roadster Sportster in response to all the club-style Dynas in his area. “Most everyone in my area prefers Dynas with tall T-bars and Thunderheader exhaust. With heavy traffic the bikes work through traffic with ease,” Bob said. No one was running around on a Roadster and Bob knew he could set this one up to be very cool. The first thing he did was add a set of 4-inch risers to get the bars a little higher, then he installed a Thunderheader which gave the bike a nasty note and delivered good power. The rear suspension was upgraded with Progressive Suspension shocks, and the frontend was reinforced with a fork brace. But once he put the Sport windshield on, it made a world of difference blocking the high-speed wind and giving the bike the look he was going for. The real performance came when RC Cycles installed Andrews N4 cams and an Easy Clutch. “Now the bike is a little monster! It dyno’d at 90 hp and 87 lb-ft of torque, what a complete difference,” Bob said. “With the pipe, cams, and tune, this bike rips, has an awesome sound, and is such a fun bike to ride.”