Rat Wax Matte Bike Finish Cleaner

Safe for satin finishes also

ratwax harley cleaner

Use a rat to clean your hog.

Courtesy of RatWax

Most detailers and soaps on the market contain cleaning agents that have high pH levels and petroleum shine enhancers that will damage your flat, matte, and satin finishes. Rat Wax has none of these harmful chemicals and is safe to use of your bike’s unique finish, because it:

CLEANS dirt, dust, fingerprints, water spots, bugs and bird crap.

PROTECTS against the fade of the Sun with UV Protection.

Contains No Shine Enhancers, No Wax, No Silicone, No Petroleum, and No Alcohol.

Leaves No Streaks! Leaves No Residues!

Also works on metal, rubber, plastic, chrome, aluminum, carbon fiber, vinyl wrap, glass, windscreens, visors and helmets.

BE SAFE! Only use Rat Wax products to CLEAN & PROTECT your matte finish.

[Rat Wax](http: www.RatWax.com)

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