Quick Look | 2011 Dirico HeartBreaker

Dirico Motorcycles HeartBreaker

Dirico Motorcycles HeartBreaker

When he’s not stage-diving in Sturgis, helping make aspiring singers dreams come true on American Idol, or rocking with his Aerosmith brethren, consummate showman and motorcycle enthusiast Steven Tyler can be found helping his partner, inventor Mark Dirico, at Dirico Motorcycles, come to market with new models. While on stage, Steven might have all the women Cryin’ with his Amazing voice and Crazy stage performance, when the lights go down and the music softens, women riders can Dream On that they’re Back in the Saddle with Steven on this ’11 Dirico Heartbreaker.

After conducting hours of backstage research, Dirico found what women wanted in a motorcycle and designed the HeartBreaker specifically to fit those needs. Based on a handbuilt Softail chassis, the HeartBreaker features ergonomics and components to better fit the female frame with items such as pullback handlebars, floorboards, a low seat height, and lowered suspension. With a mix of Harley components and high-quality aftermarket parts, like the rest of Dirico’s models, the bike is easily serviceable at any H-D dealer and comes with a two-year unlimited-mile warranty. For the more discerning female rider who doesn’t want the Same Old Song and Dance, Dirico offers a wide assortment of parts/component options as well as several color combinations, to help encourage that Sweet Emotion of making the bike Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Train Kept a-Rollin’

A pair of 16-inch spoked wheels wrapped in chunky whitewall Metzelers, 130mm front/150mm rear, keep the 712-pound softy rolling steady.

Rocket 88

Inside the Softail frame is an 88ci H-D Twin Cam engine, backed by a five-speed transmission. Expelling spent exhaust fumes is a set of Vance & Hines True Duals with Fishtail tips. For those who crave more horsepower, Dirico offers two other powerplant options, a 103 and 110ci Twin Cam engine.

Attitude Adjustment

To help make for a more stable, comfortable, and confident ride, the HeartBreaker’s rear suspension is lowered 1 inch, the seat height is 23 inches, and the design of the seat moves the rider forward 4 inches. Multiple seat options are also available.

On the Road Again

To help store all the shoes, clothes, makeup, tools, and other essentials a female rider may need on a road trip, the HeartBreaker comes with quick-detach saddlebags. Several capacity options are available for those who tend to bring everything plus the kitchen sink when they travel.

Just the Facts

Engine 88ci Twin Cam
Trans Five-speed
Front/Rear Brakes H-D four-piston
Fuel Capacity 5 gallongs
Chassis Dirico Softail
MSRP $34,900