Progressive Suspension 490 Sport Series Shocks

Progressive's all-new true sport performance shock absorbers

Here’s a quick look-see at the new 490 Sport shocks.

Courtesy of Progressive Suspension

A true sport performance shock at heart with an unbelievable low cost, the new Progressive Suspension 490 Sport Series Shocks feature a high-pressure monotube with deflective disc damping technology, hand threaded preload and a rebound adjustment to dial in the ride. This technology coupled with a linear rate spring allow for consistent feel through the damper stroke and the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges and heavy loads. An engineered jounce bumper with a built-in metal cup also help smooth out and control bottoming. From pounding the pavement around town to hammering around the tarmac on your next race day, the 490 is the perfect choice for your performance demand! MSRP is only $649.95 for the pair. The 490 Sport Series Shocks are made for the Harley-Davidson Sportster, Dyna, V-Rod, Touring bikes as well as the Triumph Bonneville and Thruxton models. Pick up a pair from Progressive Suspension here.

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You could call this a shocking development. Get it? See what I did there? SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT. Tap tap tap… Is this microphone on?

Courtesy of Progressive Suspension