ProCharger Home Video

ProCharged Video

Hey, the ProCharger Video challenge deadline has been extended to April 30th. So to all you amature home video guys (and girls) out there, grab the camera and tripod from the the edge of the bed (yeah we know, you were just filming your bedroom for a home makeover show…right…wink, wink).

All you gotta do is video yourself telling your ProCharger story. You know, like how many of your buddies you’ve blasted off the line, doing fourth gear 20-foot long burnouts, and digging post holes in freshly paved parking lots with your rear tire.

Fine! If you need more inspiration you can check out the ProCharger youtube page.

Don’t sleep on this though you could win up to 5Gs–that’s enough cash to buy a real video camera, you pervert.

For all the legal mumbo jumbo visit ProCharger’s legal dept.