Power Trip Jackets

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Reflective pullout safety panels

Who: Power-Trip
What: Road Worthy Gear
Wear: Power-Trip is renowned for its collection of exclusive motorcycle apparel which includes gloves, pants, chaps, and motorcycle jackets for both men and women.

We got our hands on a few of the motorcycle jackets from the lineup: the Ronin, the Jet Black II, the Dakota II, and the Alpha, a U.S. Army inspired jacket that meets military safety requirements. All the jackets have tons of safety features like CE apporved high-density armor in the elbows and shoulders as well as spin pads and most feature Power-Trips BigAir ventilation system with full front FreeAir mesh intakes hidden behind the front zipper panels

The Alpha
US Army Jacket
MSRP $229.99

The Alpha features a heavy-duty 500d Hitena Nylon exterior. The Alpha also has a removable ID holder, reflective pullouts with safety panels on the front and rear of the jacket. This jacket also features Power Trip’s Variable Flow ventilation system that allows air to flow throughout on the hot days and a removable vest liner that seals up the jacket on cold days. The Alpha has elastic sleeve adjusters and a pocket for your i-Pod with a water tight port for the earphones. Power-Trip’s Alpha comes in black with gray camouflage or moss green with black and sand camouflage. To all you military guys and gals out there, you know that you need to wear a safety vest any time you are riding, so here’s an all in-one jacket that meets the military safety standards.

The Ronin MSRP $149.99
The Ronin is a heavy-duty cotton canvas jacket with a Variable Flow ventilation system with four large yet discreet vents (two intake and two exhaust). The jacket has subtle reflective strips and adjustable waist and sleeves. It has a zippered front with a button up cover for that classic jean jacket look. When you look at this jacket it’s reminiscent of the old Levi denim that seemed to fall apart after one riding season, but when you see how well the Ronin is made you know it will be around for many seasons.

The Jet Black II MSRP $149.99
The Jet Black II is a fully-armored jacket with the BigAir ventilation system. A mesh intake hidden behind the front zipper panel allows air to flow through the front and exit the rear. The jacket also has a removable insulated vest liner, and adjustable waist and sleeves for a perfect fit. It features snap loops to secure the jacket to your belt. The Jet Black II comes in full black or black and gray. The jacket was light and very comfortable to have on while riding.

The Dakota II MSRP $169.99
The Dakota II features a 100 percent waterproof RockTex 600d outer shell with double waterproof flaps behind the main zipper. The BigAir ventilation system helps cool you down on hot days and on extra hot days the insulated full-sleeve liner can be removed. The Dakota features pre-curved sleeves for a more comfortable riding position and thin refelctive piping for added safety at night. The Dakota II is the perfect year-round riding jacket with all the options to handle any weather.