Power Outlets And Cable Organization Solutions For The Home

More electrical ports and more wires. Here’s how to keep it all organized.

Plugging electrical cord into power outlet.

Solutions to help you stay plugged in and keep wires under control.


Electricity powers our world. Cellphones, gaming consoles, computers, kitchen appliances, televisions, etc. Sometimes there just aren’t enough outlets in the room to supply power to all of these devices and appliances, so equipment to increase the amount of accessible ports helps satisfy this need for power. Then there are all of the cables which interlace and tangle behind cabinetry causing household disarray. Luckily, these electrical troubles have convenient solutions.

No Bulky Bases

Powrui 6-Outlet Extender With 2 USB Charging Ports

The extra features such as the nightlight and USB ports make this wall outlet serve multiple uses.


Bedside charging is a great way to have your devices recharge while you do. A power outlet like the Powrui offers two USB charging ports that make it easy to charge your cellphone or tablet without the use of the bulky bases. The additional six accessible outlets can be left for lamps and other plugs. Further, a nightlight function helps illuminate the way around the room at night and removes the need for another item that may need to be plugged in.

Household Staple

Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip

If you are one to entertain then your infotainment system is up to par with many electronic devices and consoles in need of an outlet. Enter the 12-outlet powerstrip.


Televisions, speaker systems, and gaming consoles require many outlets, that is why a 12-outlet powerstrip like this is a staple in any home. The 8-foot cable also allows some flexibility in terms of location. The included surge protection will also help protect your valuable entertainment systems from power surges.

Fights Clutter

Cord Cover Raceway Kit

Cord covers help keep the wiring and cables in your house under control.


Now, about all those wires. Snaking around the house, the unsightly cords can be a bit of an eyesore. Cord covers, such as the ones found in this kit, assist in keeping the cords organized and out of sight. Included in this kit are 10 channels, 19 different connectors, 20 screws, 20 anchors, and one self-adhesive. Paint the cover so then it blends in even more.

Just Stick It

OHill Cable Clips

Since 16 clips are included in this pack there are plenty to go around.


These little cable clips are simple solutions to managing where your cables go without very much work involved. Simply stick the adhesive side to a wall or desk and insert the cable. The different widths in the pack can be applied to many different cords, from thinner charging cables to thick computer or router wires. Organization doesn’t have to be difficult.