Pingel Announces New Floorboard Spreader Kits For Driver and Passenger

New product offers better floorboard positioning and less stress on rider legs.

Pingel Enterprise, Inc. announces the release of the new Floorboard Spreader Kits for driver and passenger. These items extend the floorboards on your 1993-2013 Road King or Dresser away from the bike for increased driver and passenger comfort and will also keep feet away from the hot exhaust pipes, the painted side covers, and the chrome primary and derby cover.  Works well with over-size primary covers such as the Barnett Billet Aluminum Primary Cover. Rear spreaders are highly polished aluminum for a nice custom look and move the floorboards out 1”.  Front spreaders are billet aluminum with a black finish and move the floorboards out 1 ¼”.  All hardware and instructions are included for easy installation.   Made in USA