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Our Pumped-Up Road Glide Gets New Ness Accessories

Our 2012 Pro Charged Road Glide project has been moving along, and the parts list is getting near the end as we have been working like mad to get them all in place. We’re getting down to the dirty details so we can wrap up this project and get it out on the road where it belongs. Up to this point, the Glide has been running with the original handlebars and hand controls, but that all ends here because, frankly, we detest them. Harley’s stock bars are always a compromise in both comfort and style, and we have never had a bike that we did not change the handlebars and grips to suit our own particular needs.

We sifted through a vast number of great choices before settling on the new line of parts from Arlen Ness. The company’s 10-inch Modular Bagger Apes bring the concept of handlebars to a whole new level. These adjustable bars feature billet aluminum junction clamps that rotate toward or away from the rider to achieve personalized comfort needs. Out of the box, the Modular Bagger Apes come as five separate pieces that make internally wiring a breeze, even for newer fly-by-wire bikes such as ours. Adding the finishing touches to the new modular bars are Ness Knurled Fusion grips and Rad III hand controls. The Rad III are guaranteed to give our Road Glide a great new look, thanks in part to the design, but also the utter mass of the controls — they are brawny!


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