Optically Clear Film Protection for Harley Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tank New Product Announcement

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 | Windsor, CO

Motorcycle Armor is a precision cut, optically clear film that offers a lifetime of invisible protection from accidental “crotch rub” scuffing, scratching or damage to the painted surface of your Harley Davidson™ Fuel Tank. This protective film guards areas where jeans and leathers rub the tank in areas of the inner thigh and leg. The film is easily removed and replaced free of charge at the owner’s discretion if it becomes unsightly or damaged. Everything that you need to protect your Fuel Tank or make your already damaged tank look like new is included in this “easy to apply” kit! The optically clear film has a “clear coat” type chemical that actually “repairs” most scuffs, swirls and minor scratches.

More information or order online at www.motorcyclearmor.com
Retail price: $49.95

Compatibility: CVO, Sportster, Dyna, Softail, All Touring and Trike Fuel Tanks. Minor placement adjustments depending on 3.3 Gallon, 4.0 Gallon, 4.7 Gallon, 5.0 Gallon and 6.0 Gallon Tanks Kit contains High Gloss “invisible” film. Also available in MATTE finish for denim painted bikes!