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New Stuff In The Hot Bike Office

Chassis Upgrade | Starting at $699.99
Race Tech has just released the G3S shocks, an updated version of the company’s Caddies, which were featured in the December 2009 issue of HOT BIKE. The G3S series shocks contain the same internals as the Caddies, but feature a new shock body, new reservoirs, are custom-valved, and have new adjuster features, which allow you to easily switch them up in different riding conditions.

Race Tech
(951) 279-6655

Hi Five! | $269.99
Küryakyn has just released a new Hi-Five Mach 2 air cleaner to suck more air into your engine. The all-new air cleaner has been fitted with a hi-flow air filter element to increase airflow and boost performance. It’s finished in chrome and the cool thing about it is that it’s available with different medallions and mesh inserts ($17.99 a piece) to switch up the look of the faceplate. The Hi-Five Mach 2 fits most carbureted and fuel-injected Harley models.


Regulators! Mount Up… | $86.95
This 12-volt, solid-state regulator from Drag Specialties features an aluminum construction that is finished in chrome or black. It claims to provide accurately regulated voltage under all electrical loads for Touring, Dyna, Softail, and Sportster models. It’s also environmentally sealed to protect against the elements.

Drag Specialties

Stacked | Starting at $96
Looking for a custom horn cover for your ride? Stack Covers and Apparel has released the V-2 Fiberglass Horn Cover that fits stock Harleys. Have it shipped raw, or choose from any of the custom paint options available on the company’s website. The all-fiberglass cover also comes with a black powdercoated mounting bracket and hardware, and the kit utilizes the stock horn and wiring. Simply hook it up and you’re good to go.

Stack Covers and Apparel

Handy Tool | $139
You never know what could happen when riding at night, so it’s best to be prepared with a flashlight should you break down. Sure Fire, manufacturer of lightweight illumination tools, has released the ZS-2, a strobing flashlight that features high-output LEDs that generate 160 lumens of light with eight times the light output of a standard two-D-cell flashlight. It’s also very compact at 5 inches long, weighing less than 5 ounces, to be easily stored in your saddlebag or tool pouch.

Sure Fire
(800) 828-8809

Silver Lining | $59.99
If you’re into silver jewelry, then Badass Jewelry definitely has something to suit your needs; take this Motorcycle Chain Bracelet for instance. It’s 8 inches long and made from stainless steel, then highly polished to add that extra bling to your wrist when riding.

Badass Jewelry
(888) 905-2529